Parable for the Perpetuation of Intergenerational Trauma

So afraid of bogeymen, we have not noticed the monster we have become.

No, Seriously, You Contain Multitudes

Instead of seeking consistency in yourself or others — because we’re made of countless parts and those parts have parts and all those parts are capable of relating to each other — try to find and nurture emotionally safe harbors where all those parts can, when and where and with whom appropriate, …

In Writing, Sensory Detail Serves Scenic Detail

Sensory detail for its own sake is boring. Nobody can reconstruct precisely what a character looks like from an exhaustive sensory description, and also it doesn’t matter. It’s boring to read. Sensory detail should always serve scenic detail. Build the scene, not the character or setting. Sometimes …

It’s Too Late

Nice try, but just saying “late capitalism” doesn’t make it so. Most historical epochs aren’t labeled in real time. Maybe we are living in “late capitalism,” but I’d bet most deployers of that phrase don’t know that it was coined around or before World War I. In 2013, I started a daily email …

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